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Web Development

These are the various web development jobs or projects I have completed over the years. In early 2000's I specialized in Adobe Flash and Flash Scripting, however as the Internet changed against using Flash, I have adapted to HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Java to create mobile-friendly web sites for all viewing devices.


I am a photographer and graphics editor. I have reached over 1 million views with my Google Local Guide images and had some of my work published by Billings Park and Recreation during Arbor Day and many of my images have been selected by Google to be the initial image for locations.


This area showcases some of the projects I have completed; ranging from simple projects to far more complex projects that has a strong focus on electronics, programming and commonly woodworking. A goal of mine is to combine a craftsmanship of woodworking with highlights of electronics to bring it to life.


Self explanatory area here....

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The Resistors

The Resistors is a cartoon that I came up with to work on my digital drawing. I got a Wacom pad, and needed something to draw that wasn't just coping something else, so I came up with this tech inspired cartoon to practise with.


All things archive that I have collected over the years and have found useful. This collections has web sites, royalty-free images and music collections, programs and much more.

Highlighted Project

Barn Door Tracker
An area of my photography that has been a bit stagnate has been my night photography. I've played around with light trails and multiple exposure since High School using a 35mm film camera. Next is Astrophotography and the rotation of the Earth is a obstacle I have to over-come to get clear pictures; enter the Barn Door Tracker. There are plenty of articles to help me get started, for better or worse. Read More ...