Stuff w/ ChatGPT

To ChatGPT: What are a couple good technical jokes

AI(stablelm): Sure! Here's one I wrote for you from my preverilog notes on laugh2:
module main_laugh;

logic [11:0] joke1;
// Laughed number 1
input[3:0] joked : out stdin(7 downto 0); // our input buffer

always @* begin
joke = $'{"I told him his wife was ugly.";'}'; // this is what we want as output so it can pass through
// 'stdin', then go into another function which takes its arguments there..
$display("Jokes:\nYou tell your friend "wife" is not beautiful.""); // create some buttons here... now all the other friends see them too since they're connected somehow? Or something like that??? lolololol
exception end if ($'\bq') /* Error detected while printing */ else { die(); } */; -- btw i used word boundaries instead of braces because otherwise it would complain about missing opening tags?? lmao #fail\b/8
logout ();