4th of July 2019

If anyone knows me then they know that 4th of July is, by far, my favorite holiday. This year we found a new spot to light off a whole bunch of fireworks and it turned out to be a real happen’in spot after the main display in Laurel. There were a lot of families that came out, some new some have been coming out to this spot for years, and everyone was enjoying the festivities. It reminded me of when I was a kid with my family in our backyard after the show in Longmont.

We knew of this place because we cleaned up a couple years back for Earth Day and revisit every so often to do a quick cleanup again. Adding the location to Google is on my to-do list; this place tells an inspiring story of a Native American Nez Perce tribe holding off the Army with just a few good shots on top of the Rims while the rest of the tribe escaped slaughter.

During the night, I grabbed a couple good shots with the camera. I need to setup in a field to get a better field of view next time. I already ordered some new glass for the Nikon, so next year should be even better. I also found a new spot that is on the rims that I would like to make to one year; where it is located, I should be able to see all the fireworks shows in the area, private and public. Cheers to a great 4th, I hope everyone enjoyed it too.

Best Shot
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