Lets Robot

Lets Robot Make Cover Let's Robot is a new kind of live-streaming telepresence website for controlling robots and other devices through the internet. Still in the early stages of development, you can catch all types of robots and robotic games to play almost any time of the day.

A personal favorite of mine is founder Jill, mother of robots, robotic children that she allows to run around her office. There are all types of games you can find, puzzles to work through, and outright fun you can have with the staff in the office. The website offers visitors the ability to control robots and interact with what you are viewing with keyboard controls and with the added text to voice, you can communicate as well. You can either roam freely or band together with others and have fun.

There are games that you might more familiar with, such as "The Claw" by Big Claw; it’s the traditional Claw game that we all grew up configured to be controlled remotely. One of the great things that you get with this site, is that you can play these games for free. You can contribute to a specific robot if you want to, using Robits, an on-site currency of a nominal charge. I will say, it's a site that I have visited and had fun often on. These roots can be in homes, offices or selected spaces. Everyone is in good spirits, but remember these are people's homes, and lives they are willing to share, so be respectful.


Update Remo.tv Logo Letsrobot.tv has been moved to a new domain Remo.tv. The website has the same function but has a new look. Seems it works better with mobile devices and better keyboard control of the robots.

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