Refresh the Rims 2019

I’ve attended the Refresh the Rims annual event a few times. It’s an event hosted by Billings Park and Rec and Montana State University-Billings as a part of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program to clean up one of local favorite spots. It's held on Saturday, October 19th, it was the 7th year it has been held, and the 3rd time I've participated. Every year we get to clean up an area of the Rims, which we visit frequently for hiking, walking, and riding. It’s a good way to meet like-minded people in our community.

Volunteer Check-in starts at 9:00am at the Billings Community/Senior Center, we get coffee, donuts, hot chocolate and muffins. After check-in, volunteers will be introduced to their team leader. The event begins at 9:30am with teams of volunteers fanning out throughout Swords Rimrock Park to clean up trash, remove graffiti and tidy up a specific spot around the trails. Cleanup concludes around 11:30am, so it's an easy day with a big impact on our community.

Volunteer Swag
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