Hot Air Balloon Glow

Billings has an annual Hot Air Balloon event that launches a slew of hot air balloons into the air, and then in the evening they come back, which gives for some cool pictures. A couple of years ago we woke up early and caught the early morning send off and today we caught the evening event. The whole town gets in on this event. Each balloon fills up and between 9-10pm they take turns lighting up the balloons and it creates the glow. You can see many difference designs and shapes.

I wanted to catch all off them in one picture, but space was not permitting, I need to get a wide-angle lens if I want to try that. I was able to catch a couple glowing at the same time. While waiting for the evening to come, we saw a grasshopper that we took some nice pictures of using my new macro lens. There was live music, food trucks, face painting for the kids, portrait station and several vendors to keep everyone entertained while the sun went down before the glow.

Favorite Picture
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