With everyone stuck inside, I wanted to do something else with my time that could let me be outside and creating. Me and the lady have wanted to put up some birdhouses since last years lettuce bug fest.

I made a small garden box that I planted various types of lettuce to get some fresh lettuce for my sandwiches. I’m a big fan of making fantastic sandwiches, my previous job, people used to comment on the time and quality of my sandwich lunches. I’ve been told I should have a food cart to make them for people, but I digress. I planted lettuce, and when it came time to harvest, I took some and allowed for it to grow back. I noticed a caterpillar on one of the leaves and seemingly overnight there were many more, I counted 18. They tore my lettuce a new one and left me only the stems. cabbage white butterfly I was reasonably put-off, and was about to get Defcon on them all, but before I did, I questioned, what type are they? Perhaps they are just good guys trying to get a bite to eat. Yes, they were the beginnings of a White Butterfly, also known as the Cabbage White. They loved the stuff I planted, and rightfully so, it was delicious. So, I couldn’t with a clear heart, kill them. I know the pollinators of the world need as much help as possible. If they die, we all are going to have a hard time getting by, so I took a W that year instead of lettuce for my sandwiches.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m just going to keep feeding all my quality lettuce to the White Cabbage every year; that is where birds come in. The circle of life and all that. We wanted to make a place for the local birds, close to the garden to be able to live. We came up with making some Birdhouses. We went out to Michaels and picked some very reasonably priced houses, and started throwing some paint on. I was going to go-over-the-top colored but ended with a moderately colored Birdhouse. I mixed some paints we had to make a custom blue, yellow, and brown and put a clear coat to seal everything. I’ve let mine sit for long enough that the smell of everything burned off in the sun, and it’s ready to be put up. Perhaps artisanal lettuce will be within reach again soon for my sandwiches. 😊 Finished Birdhouse

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