Bluetooth audio, can be very convenient. I listen to DI all the time, and being able to switch between devices without interrupting a track or set has always been something I’ve wanted. I purchased some EP-T31 Bluetooth earbuds and have been pleased with them so far. I have had them since December 2022, and as I write this on April 17th, they have proven to be versatile, serving me well during hikes, walks, office and home communication, music listening, and as a general replacement for headphones. I even accidentally dropped one of them in soapy water, but after drying it off, it continued to work perfectly.

AUKEY EP-T31 with Case Despite its usefulness, Bluetooth audio still has some limitations, and interference can be an issue. For instance, I can't walk across the room while my computer is playing audio without experiencing serious interference. However, within range, the sound quality is good enough for my needs. A huge benefit of using Bluetooth is that I can toggle between devices with just a couple of clicks, making it easier than ever to switch from DI on my phone to PC. I still use my full-size headphones as well, but I find myself using my lighter ones more without a great loss to sound quality.

I picked these up on an awesome sale at Newegg; I normally prefer over-the-ear for the extra bass. They pair perfectly with my phone and computer each time and sound good. I wish there was a volume control, but other than that, I highly recommend. At the time I picked them up they were on sale for $13.99, normally $59.99.

EP-T31 Instructions Instructions are simple and there are only a couple to remember.

• 30-Hour Playtime - 5 hours, plus 25 hours more with the charging case. Good for workouts, runs, and sports.
• IPX5 Water Resistance - Water-resistant design protects against sweat & rain.
• Use One Earbud - Either earbud can be used alone as a Bluetooth headset to stay aware of your surroundings.
• Mini Size and Ultra-Light - These compact earbuds weigh only 8g / 0.27 oz.
• Comfortable Fit - Compact, lightweight design with three different sizes of ear-tips for comfortable all-day wear.
• Convenient Charging Case - The case fully charges the earbuds 5 times. Battery level indicator shows the remaining battery.
• Smart Touch Control - Tap to control your music, manage calls, and more without taking out your phone.
• Wide Compatibility - Advanced Bluetooth 5 technology which is compatible with almost any Bluetooth device including iOS, Android, and Windows.

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