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I found this website on Facebook and thought I would showcase some of my favorite photographs and see where I could place in a contest with other photographers. This is my first contest for photography, and there are still 5 days for voting. Looking at the competition already, there are some amazing photographs, so I know I have my work cut out for me.

I have already achieved my goals for Google Local Guides with 1 million views with less than 100 images, and now want to see what else I can do with my photography skills. I picked 4 images, the Billings Sunset, a cold beverage, a Moose from Yellowstone and a spider on the flower. Oddly, I did not see that spider until he popped out after I took about 10 shots, and then became the subject. I have not selected any of my night photograph because I believe it still needs work before any can be submitted. We shall see where I place in the upcoming days. I will post the results, but the two main I'm going for is Newbie of the Week and Most Voted Photograph.

UPDATE June 20, 2018 Top 100 Results

The results are in and the votes counted. I did better than I thought to be honest for my first photography contest. I ended up in the top 100 out of more than 30,000 entries. I started out only going for Newbie of the Week to see where I would end up, but I put my sets into a couple more categories.

I will continue to push my photography until I can grab some #1's and end up as a Guru on the site. Being a guru means I can create my own photography contests, and I have a feeling they will be night themed. The more I learn about photography situations, grab a couple more lens, I will continue to create better images and pieces of artwork. I have a couple lenses on the horizon already, a 1.7f for nighttime and portraits and a telephoto to grab nature images a lot closer. I have a handful of special lens and filters that I am learning how to use too. It looks like this site is post editing heavy, so that will grow my aptitude for Photoshop.

If you want to see where your photography stands with other photographers and professionals feel free to visit the site and upload your images. You keep all rights to your image, and this is for bragging rights mainly, but also can be used to grow a portfolio and have your work displayed all over the world if you are interested in a career in photography.

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