Highline & Pipeline Trail

Well it's summertime and that means outside adventures. Living in Billings for more than 4 years we started to run out of new places to go. After a little research we found a new trail area on Alltrails.com.

It was the Highline & Pipeline Trail. We went out on the Highline Trail and came back on the Pipeline Trail. The area we went to has a whole host of trails that intersect and crawl all over the landscape for hiking, running, walking, riding, I can’t believe that we missed this for so long. Many parks and areas also offer Geocaching and this place is no different. The quality of caches out there was incredible and tons of swag to trade. I found a puzzle cache that is at the trailhead before we went out there so we could pick that up as well. It was a cool HEX puzzle, so it wasn’t very difficult. I also downloaded a couple more caches and we were able to pick up 3 before the sun started to set. With all the caching and hiking we logged about 7.5 miles.

The map on Endomondo is above and we will be going back to this area again soon.

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