No More Minwax...

There is no more Minwax products at Home Depot, you can still find them in clearance, but once they are gone, they are gone for good. I learned today, while looking for new stain colors, that Varathane has replaced all Minwax products at Home Depot. I have read some articles that discriminate against Minwax vs Varathane on various forum threads, but I have always had good results with Minwax stains and for the price, the stain quality is hard to beat.

Varathane has claimed to be the next level up from Minwax. I have a harder time believing Home Depot’s move to replace Minwax is based on quality alone, I have used Varathane before on projects; I find it more likely for the removal of Minwax is because Rust-Oleum (own Varathane product line) and Home Depot partnered together to create a wood product line for Home Depot. To me, that smells like they are removing the competition from their shelves. If Varathane was really was better across the board, than people would be already buying it over Minwax, and yes, all puns intended.

If you enjoy using Minwax like I do, you better hurry before all the stock is gone. I got a good selection of stains at a great discount (some 75% off), so that is super sweet, but I will keep using them until I am forced to use another.

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