No Mask, No Service

Everyone has heard about this debate to mask up or not and many states have even gone so far as to require them for you leave your house. I am in one of those states. I don’t think there is a debate on if masks help or not, it’s how much do they help and is it worth the extra control. For example, our Governor Bullock has mandated that masks be worn. There is nothing in place to enforce this mandate, police have openly said they will not come out because of calls, and most damningly, there is plenty of evidence that masks are a false sense of security at best with how people actually use them. If you have been out lately, you have seen people “wearing” them in all sorts of ways. There is a perfect game out now that is a manifestation of this problem. Ineffective Mask Bingo There is also the scientific community that has provided mixed messages. Messages that still mean as much today as they did back in March. Dr. Fauci talked to 60-minutes Overtime and said Fauci: "Right now in the United States people should not be walking around with masks".

He went on to explain why this is his opinion, and it’s not that masks don’t work at all, but it’s how people are using them that makes them ineffective. In that, they still touch their face, don’t wear it correctly, move it around, and so on. To this day, people still do not wear masks correctly, and until they do, it’s a moot point to mandate it.

Which brings me to my point, masks are great for professional in hospitals and for the few who use them correctly; but mainstream America just does not have the will or gumption to use them correctly. Making a mandate for masks is a fruitless effort to control the masses more than it is to keep people safe. There is also another problem the news has occasionally highlighted, people have gotten bolstered entitlement or self-righteousness to either shame people publicly or outright attack those who do not feel the same way, and then praise them for it. Personally, I believe this is a recipe for disaster. Especially when cases have continued to rise and the public realizes that masks are not the answer to their problems but just a farse passed off by governing bodies, which frankly, many are actively trying to dismantle. The government is trying to make companies do their dirty work by making them enforce a mandate they put out.

Update - 7/30/2020

Well it looks like the masks are winning the battle but not the war. Businesses are increasingly enforcing the mandate the Bullock put out, and if you don’t have a mask on, security is called (sometimes), and you are asked to leave. I believe that businesses have the right to operate how they see fit, and do not think it's right for consumers to push their beliefs on owners. For example, if a business doesn't want to make a cake for someone because of a view they hold for their business, I believe that is their right. I think it’s unattractive to businesses to bring that kind of highlight to their doorstep, which many change their minds, or face serious blow back from cancel culture. I think many businesses only cater to consumers because it puts money in their pocket not because of the overall belief of right or wrong business practices. I will note that only Home Depot is not hauling people off out of their store and allowing customer to live their lives normally; they just suggest and request that customer do wear one. Good job Home Depot, I think they should be the standard in this regard.

Since masks are a thing, we ordered some that allowed us to breathe easier and still followed the guidelines so we can go shopping for food and materials. I have seen advertising from a company SA Company that makes masks of all types. We ordered 5 of them that was Black, Orange, Blue, Carbon and Whiteout Flag. We received them today and tried them out. They are way better than those blue masks that made my face feel like it was on fire. I’ve worn those types of masks on the job site for painting, drywall, sanding, or anything that OSHA related. I suggest checking them out, their stock seems to be going down; I checked today, and the orange is out of stock, so I’m glad I picked it up before it was gone.

Remember when SARS was hitting China hard and everyone said, “you wouldn’t ever see Americans walking around in masks all the time”? How things have changed since then. Face Mask

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