Patio Garden

It's springtime again and it's time to break out the soil, pots and getting the garden back up. Last year was kind of a bust, but planning is different this year. Along with starting more plants this year, there is a couple plants that already have a good start. Ghost and Banana peppers are already started and Jalapenos from seed. There is a various lettuce types and some flowers starting in the seedling pan, which so far are a little stringy, but I hope they girth up so they have a chance.

I am doing a Food is Free project this year with plants instead of just food. I'm going to give about ½ of what I grow away to neighbors and whoever wants their own plants. Mostly peppers and lettuce but it will really be determined by what can be transplanted and grown to maturity.

I have been thinking about a grow light to keep the seedlings inside and under a more controlled environment. I've had some experience with growing plans inside, and know how to control the outcome a lot better than leaving them outside (there are a lot more bugs outside ha-ha)

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