Russell Walks: Star Wars Gallery

My lovely wife likes to surprise me with adventures as much as I like to do to her. I make it a little hard for her sometimes because I’m a good guesser and sometimes she is too excited and can’t keep it bottled up. But this one I didn’t see coming.

She knows I like Star Wars by my ever-growing collection of cannon and non-cannon book collection I persistent talking about storylines and my thoughts of all things Star Wars fairly regularly; to her credit she smiles and listens to whatever rambling I offer.

She found an art pop-up here in town and I had somehow missed. She offered me a couple clues as to what she had planned but I was completely blind as to what was happening. It was a Star Wars Gallery hosted artist Russell Walks. He is a native Montanan and was the cover artist for issues one through five of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Golden Age of the Sith series of comics. Additionally, he has illustrated for Topps, Star Wars Galaxy, and Star Wars Insider and was one of several contributing illustrators for the 2018 reference book Star Wars: Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious. He was doing artwork for the Star Wars Celebration.

I found a couple pieces that I felt spoke to me personally, and furthermore a generation of movies that many of us hold near and dear. The iconic 3 movies that started the fandom and craze of all things Star Wars.

There are plenty of other works that he did that encompass the whole series, but these three I felt closer to, and it’s no surprise being that they were the movies that started it, and that many like myself, will never be outdone. I will admit, the Clone Wars was a fantastic series, but it holds grand in its own animated right.

Russell Walks was there himself for any questions and to talk about a piece, and all in all, a very approachable artist. It was a nice surprise and fun day. I have a cool idea to use those pieces in a custom frame for our wall at home. Russell Walks flyer

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