JD Presents offers services that focus on technology and creativity. Some of the services include Technology Consulting, Web and Graphic Design, Prototyping and PCB Design, and Technical Writing. Free support is available on the JD Presents Discord server, which includes tips and knowledge base help, as well as AI assistance.

Technology Consultant

Technology consulting is a service I provide to offer expert advice and guidance on how to leverage technology to achieve business goals and solve complex problems. I work with clients across various industries and sectors, analyzing their current systems, processes, and technologies to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation.

Free Support via Discord that includes: Chat, Community Support, Tech Articles, and AI assistance.

Service Description Cost

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting is a general term and encompasses fields of interest such as computer services and repair, website support and creation, programming, software or hardware development, prototyping, or private tutoring.

$45/hr (minimum 2 hours + travel time


Web Development & Graphics Design

Package Description Cost

Website Creation

Design 1 Website

Domain Registration / Hosting Configuration
Custom Logo or Graphics**
Setup Server Permissions for FTP / Email
Client-side Email Setup / PC / Smart Devices
Tutorials of new account and general operations
Search Engine Optimized / Keyword Research

(no e-commerce)

*special requests or programming may cost more


Website Technical Support

Website tech support refers to the assistance provided to users experiencing technical difficulties with a website. It may involve troubleshooting issues related to website functionality, compatibility, security, and performance.

$35.00 per hour for (tele-support)

In-House or In-Location visits follow the Technology Consulting charges

Graphic and Logo Design

Graphic design is a creative process that encompasses a wide range of applications, including branding, advertising, editorial design, web design, and user interface design, among others.

Commissioned / $45.00 per hour


Technical Documentation

Service Description Cost

Documentation Creation

Technical documentation such as website content or descriptions, tutorials, product documentation, how-to’s, device instructions, or manuals and protocols.

$90.00 for 2 hours then $35.00/hour + Travel

Class Instructor or Private Tutor

Private classes or tutoring in-person (special charges may apply) or via Discord, regarding various subjects I have specialty in.

$90.00 for 2 hours then $35.00/hour + Travel


Q1. Do I have to know exactly what I want to get a quality web site?
A1. No. It is good to have basic idea of what you will need to achieve what you need from a website, for example do you need a shopping cart or the ability to edit content or website from a mobile device.

Q2. What programming languages are you familiar with?
A2. Web Development: HTML, CSS, HTML, PHP, Java
Hardware Development: Spin, PASM, PBASIC, C++

Q3. What type of documentation can you create?
A3. Technical documentation, teaching and tutoring materials and formally structured content material.

Q4. What type of classes are there?
A4. Basic of Inventing, Robotics and Electronics, Soldering and De-soldering

Q5. What is the cost for classes or training?
A5. There are specialized trainings available which vary in cost based on experience of the audience; please call 406-200-4600 to arrange a consultation.

Q6. What does it cost for hardware development or a custom product developed?
A6. Prototyping costs are $35.00/hour (minimum 2 hours) plus travel time and expenses.

Q7. Does every web site project come with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) automatically?
A7. Yes; this is a critical step to ensure all the hard work being put into the web site can be seen by those intended to see it.