The driving force behind JD Presents' creativity is a healthy desire for collaboration whenever possible. I have gathered several friends across different industries and areas of focus, and working with like-minded professionals is a true delight.

I have been developing websites since the early 2000s, specializing in helping small businesses establish an online presence and grow their customer base. I have learned many Internet-supporting languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Search Engine Optimization. I keep up with learning new techniques, tools, and versions of languages as Internet technology changes to support more mobile-friendly environments and increased security.

Mid-2007, I started building and programming with electronics after working in the robotics and education field at Parallax. Parallax focuses heavily on teaching robotics, programming and STEM education curriculum. I wrote technical documents for products, tutorials on using products, and created website materials, while providing technical reviews for new or potential products. I enjoyed supporting the customers on the phone, email, forum, and events. Some products I am particularly proud of are the PropScope Oscilloscope, GPS modules, and Stingray Robot Ping Kit. In addition to collaborating with in-house engineers regarding products, I also teamed with developers from all over the world about potential products being introduced such as the Say It Module and Easy Bluetooth Module.

In my personal time, I enjoy focusing on open-community projects like Google Local Guides, Video Gaming contributions, and volunteering projects with Montana Rescue Mission and Billings Park and Recreation. I also dabble in freelance photography, and some of my work was published in the Annual Report for Billings Park and Recreation for images taken during the annual Arbor Day event.


Development In Reach

Mission Statement:

Re-establishing people's right to develop their ideas by providing craftsman-level services affordably.