A Consummate Support Jedi

The creativity behind JD Presents has largely been contributed to by Joshua Donelson. I say largely, because I have gathered several friends across the industry that have influenced me and I them. I have embraced collaboration ever since I started creating web sites and developing projects. I started programming in the mid-nineties, and honed HTML programming along with supporting languages for web site development. I researched how web sites are found by search engines, known now as Search Engine Optimization. I combined that knowledge to create functional and enjoyable web experiences for visitors, and as the Internet evolved, so did my designs.

In the early 2000's, I focused on helping small businesses and start-ups to get their company online and optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN and others for others to find, often getting first page placement without the need for buying placement ads. I offer full site service, update and maintenance and offered training for WordPress that allowed owners to keep costs low, and Internet presents high. All the happy testimonials were proof of my ability to connect with my clients and provide what they needed.

In 2007, I immersed myself in robotics, microcontrollers, sensors and learned hardware programming while working for a robotics company. I worked with companies worldwide to bring modules and sensors into the product line and created documentation for those modules and kits. Using my eclectic experiences, I have been building custom projects that balances electronics, woodworking and art; all the while being a Support Jedi in a slew of technical aspects.

In my free time, I now focus on open-community projects like Local Guides, Photography, and local volunteering projects with the Montana Rescue Mission and Billings Park and Recreation. My photography was published in an Annual Report for Billings Park and Recreation for my work during Arbor Day; my Local Guide images have over 1M hits and many of them are used as default image.