400th Geocache Find

Posted on March 29, 2020

As some of you may know, I enjoy Geocaching and have been doing it for a solid decade. I think it’s a great way to get outside and to new places and have used it for “Adventure Time” plenty of times. I recently got to a milestone in my geocaching story, 400 successful finds. That doesn’t count any Did Not Finds (DNF) or anything else, just successful finds. I point the DNF out because many cachers do not like to log a DNF; it really is just part of the adventure, sometimes you just can’t find them, and sometimes they are just gone. We call people who mess with geocaches and mess it up for other players “Muggles” and it’s fitting. You always have be on the lookout for people watching you search.

There are tokens you get for various Geo-Achievements. Such as the first 100, 250, 500, 1000 finds and so on. There are some for hides and 24 caches in 72 hours, and a whole host of others. I have gotten the 100 and 250 finds, my last coin I’m shooting for at least mainly is the 4000 coin. We shall see if the game is still around when I get that many. To get started, you can check out www.geocaching.com or watch the video below to see if it’s something you would like to start. Me and my family has had many enjoyable hours searching and getting outside. I gave had a quick class to my students and their parents on how to cache, and the ins and outs of it, I have no doubt they still play. My lifetime goal for Geocaching is 4,000 finds.

Here are some of my favorite Souvenirs that you can earn. I have a things for getting out on Leap Day now. I like it because it is only available one day every 4 years, making me plan to make sure I can get finds, DNF's do not count for this one.

Leap Day Souvenir 2016
Leap Day Souvenir 2020

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