4th of July

Posted on July 5, 2019

If anyone knows me then they know that 4th of July is by far my favorite holiday. This year we found a new spot to light off a whole bunch of fireworks and it turned out to be a real hot spot. There were a lot of families that came out there as well, some that have been coming out to this spot for years and some that found it this year like we did.

The place we found was the historical spot we cleaned up a couple years back and revisit to do a quick cleanup, as it seems to also be a spot that people tend to toss their trash. Adding the location to Google is on my to-do list, this place tells a really cool story of a Native American tribe holding off the Army with just a few good shots on top of the Rims while the rest of the tribe got away.

I grabbed a couple cool shots on the camera, but I need to setup in a field to get a better field of view. I already ordered some new glass for the Nikon, so next year should be even better. I also found a new spot that is on the rims that I would like to make it up to; from where it is located, if I can get up there we should be able to see all the fireworks shows.

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