Adobe Lightroom Presets

Posted on August 8, 2019

There are two main programs any time someone thinks of editing images, Photoshop and Lightroom. I have used Photoshop for years for editing and creating images for web sites that I've developed, but using it specifically for landscapes and portrait pictures has not been a focus of mine, until recently.

In the past year I've branched out of my comfort zone of “purest photography”, meaning zero edits to pictures I've taken, to build on my base abilities to include landscape, portrait and other editing to bring a new element to my art or photography. I have learned the images of the night sky commonly needs those elements to pull off the image as I see it in my mind.

For more lengthy editing, Photoshop is the solid go to for me, but for quick edits, it's all about Lightroom. Lightroom has a utility called Presets; a preset is just a series of changes that runs just like a macro, making is really easy to makes a handful of changes to an image with a single click. However, if just blindly ran and saved, you can ruin an image with over-editing. There is a perfect amount of editing that will leave the viewer wondering if there has been any edits at all, and that is the skill level I've been working on. I have included an example picture above that is a local park; it is hole 16 on the Frisbee Golf course and as you can see, the colors seem to stand out from the edited image. The colors were washed out by the sun, and the preset enhanced those colors to “pop”.

When it comes to presets, they range from over-the-top to simple edits. I found that using a preset alone doesn't always work perfectly, there is some “fine tuning” that is needed for my personal eye. For example, using an HDR preset where I live, makes the ground far to yellow, but does great for blues, greens, and reds. I have included a set of 65 presets that I found online; I'm still working through the specifics of each one and how I can use them best. If you use Lightroom, feel free to use them if you want, or just to add to your collection.

I look forward to learning Lightroom and using it to create the images I have envisioned, and I'm excited to be achieving steps to a goal I've had for a very long time.

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