Posted on January 30, 2021

I had to recently get one of those nose swab COVID tests before I could go visit my mom. She just got a couple surgeries and has a super low threshold for getting sick and I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t asymptomatic or in fact had COVID. Now, this was more at my mom’s request than mine, but I did it because well, it was for my mom’s peace of mind.

I have seen the swab test on the news plenty and heard all types of people complain and I thought that the swab was made of cotton and people were just complaining. Upon getting the test, I’ve learned there have been nose bleeds, burning, sores, and a whole host of issue people experienced, and I understand why. Let me tell you this here and now, the swab is NOT made from cotton like you would immediately think of when someone says “swab”. The swab resembles a plastic medieval mace than any medical devices, and it hurts like all get-out. Here is an image I think better embodies what the swab feels like.

The Nose "Swab"
The whole object of it is to gather nasal tissue to send in for testing, and holy cow, is it an experience to go through. If you have ever had to get one, I’m sorry, and if you haven’t, be sure there is a valid reason to experience it. Love moms and all, but nope, I will go just by what I already know and not be bullied into getting another one.

There is an at-home test you can take I found on the CDC, but I think the only way to make this test worse would be trying to do it yourself. At least with someone there it’s the closest thing to “ripping the band aid off”. Of course, the test came back negative, and I say of course because I had multiple reasons to believe that I was not positive for COVID. There are multiple people in the house, and either we were all asymptomatic, or we didn’t have it. it was the latter.

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