Posted on July 14, 2019

If you don't track it, did you really even do it? (haha)

This is a joke, but is a common thought when people share about their workouts or achievements. I think people just like to see proof of said workout, could be for any number of reasons. For my "proof", I use Endomondo for my workout tracker. I use it for hiking, walking and riding mainly, but have been thinking of getting a step tracker and track what I do at work since I did a test run with a step counter, and I am about 10k steps just at work.

If you have not used Endomondo or have not heard of it, it is a free application/program that offers a wide array of services, some of the more detailed information is in the premium service such as weather and heart rate, but I have gotten by on the free service for years and it gives me a good idea of how much I’m getting outside. You can get maps, routes, set goals for yourself and allow others can join in, and much more. It really is a overall very functional service that can help keep you on track for a goal or just challenge you to exercise more.

A Hike Example

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