Posted on March 23, 2030

I finally made the move over to Github. I have used my domain and various project forums to share my projects for years, but there has been a solid community move to using Github on top of those sites.

Firstly, I will admit, I was looking for a new text editor not a new place to share code. I have used Notepad++ ever since I stopped using Notepad and WYSIWYG like Net Objects and Dreamweaver. It has generally kept me happy with all my needs. After lots of testing and research, I found Atom. I installed it and right off the bat, I was happy with the look. It is a lot easier on my eyes. As I write this, one of my monitors is a blaring white with Word, and the other has Atom which is a mellow dark gray. After hours of use, white is just harsh, so I moved over to Atom for my editor, while keeping Notepad++ as a quick backup. After that I moved over to Atom, I learned that Github made Atom, so it only seemed practical to use them together. All and all, I’ve been happy with the editor, and time will tell if Github turns out to be the mainstay that everyone has made it into.

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