Glass Cutting

Posted on August 25, 2020

Building frames for existing pictures in your house can bring a newer life to them, and it is great practice. Picture frames seem easy, but they can be a little tricky to get perfect. Most of the frames that I have made up to this point uses plastic instead of glass, but I wanted to challenge myself and start making picture frames in glass.

For my first picture frame, I was thinking of having 2-n-1. The top picture is a printout of a digital piece from The Resistors and the bottom is hand drawn logos for the comic. I had not finalized the title at this point, and this is one of my pieces that has a few variations.

My first experience with making the front piece from glass went swimmingly, made the scores and broke crisp. However, the 2nd piece fought me the whole time. I remember years ago working with my dad, he taught that when cutting glass, you make one clear score, and it then break it with one clear and purposeful motion. I ended up cutting the bottom piece 4 times before I finally got proficient at it, I am now a quasi-expert. Picture frames I have made since then went a whole lot easier. One of those times came because when I was putting in the back staples, I sent a staple though the glass (lol… D’oh).

For anyone wanting to learn how to cut glass affordably, I suggest visiting a local Good Will and you can pick up picture frames for only a couple bucks, and sometimes if you are lucky you can find larger pieces of plate glass for about $2.00, that is what happened to me. I picked up a glass cutter set that includes, cutter, cutting oil and wax pencil from Home Depot for only about $12. The wax pencil turned out to be quite useful for drawing lines and making notes; I can write the dimensions on spare pieces of glass for future projects that is easily read.

Im still working on perfect matting placement. :)

Custom Frame

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