GuruShots Photography Contest

Posted on June 10, 2018

I found this website on Facebook and thought I would showcase some of my favorite photographs and see where I could place in a contest with other photographers. This is my first context for photography, and there is still 5 days for voting. There are some amazing photographs in this contest, so I know I have my work cut out.

I have already achieved my goals for Google Local Guides with 1 million views with less than 100 images, and now want to see what else I can do with my photography skills. I picked 4 images, the Billings Sunset, my beverage, my Yellowstone visit and the latest one with the spider on the flower. Oddly I did not see that spider until he popped out after about 10 shots and then became the subject of my image. I have not selected any of my night photograph because I believe it still needs work before it can be submitted. We shall see where I place in the upcoming days. I will post the results, but the two main I'm going for is Newbie of the Week and Most Voted Photograph.

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