GuruShots Photography Contest

Posted on June 20, 2018

So, the results are in and the votes are counted. I did better than I thought for my first photography contest. I ended up in the top 100 out of more than 30,000 entries. I started out only going for Newbie of the Week to see where I would end up and put my sets into a couple more categories.

I will continue to push my photography until I can grab a couple #1's and end up as a Guru on the site, which means I can create my own photography contest. The more I learn about photography situations and grab a couple more lens, and create better images. I have a couple lenses on the horizon already, which is a 1.7f for nighttime and a telephoto lens to grab nature images a lot closer.

Stay tuned as this entry of my blog will grow. I have a lot of images to scour to see what gems I already have but I am focusing on what I can create now more than images I've already taken.

If you want to see where your photography sets with other photographers and professionals feel free to visit the site and upload your images. You keep all rights to your image, and this is only for bragging rights; which can pad your portfolio if you are interested in a career in photography.

GuruShots Achievements

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