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Posted on September 9, 2018

Google Local Guides is a project that I have been working on for the past couple years. It's a service that relies on open-community sources efforts. Anytime someone shares a review, edit, photograph, video, adds a place, provides an answer that helps other users on Google is builds their Local Guide profile. The better your content, the more views and better the help you provide to people searching for that information.

I have sought out to provide photographs more than anything other contribution. Each photograph with a lot of information in them to places that I have been; it was very lack luster in the town I currently live in, Billings Montana. When I went to see what the parks and places were that I had not visited I saw that the photographs depicting that area were not focused on the area but rather the photographer or their special interest. My photographs as you would see, offer not just what I thought was good about a place, but what amenities, parking, and similar information. Once I started to see the images, I put up used so often, I knew I was on to something. I set a goal of less than 100 images and breaking 1 million views.

In July 2018 I busted over 1 Million views with 92 images. I currently have 97 images and 1,075,128 views and still growing. I set the goal of 1M views because I noticed that others with over a 1M views had hundreds of images, and that information based photos were what I wanted to provide, and the user base showed much love for those images by using them so many times.

As a reward for hitting 1M hits with under 100 images, I got me a lens kit and all kinds of fun new toys for my Nikon. I am still a level 5 on Local Guides, but in the coming years look to get Master Photographer within the Local Guides. That goal is 1000 places and 1M views, and I already got the 1M views achieved with less than 100, so my new goal is 5M views or 1M views for a single image. The most viewed picture I have up is sitting at 89,694 views, and as you can see it's a gazebo showing the awning, bathrooms, shelter, and tables (all one would need to know for planning an outing at this location). I have been very pleased with this effort and continue to build my photographs for Local Guides.

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