No More Minwax...

Posted on August 24, 2018

No more Minwax products in Home Depot, you can still find them places but the place I always got a good selection is now gone. Varathane has replaced all Minwax products in Home Depot. I have read plenty of articles that discriminate against Minwax vs Varathane, but I have always had good results with Minwax stains.

Varathane is supposedly the "next level" up from Winwax, but again I have had great success with it. I have a harder time believing Home Depots move to replace Minwax is based on quality and more based on the fact Rust-Oleum (own Varathane product line) and Home Depot partnered together to create a wood product line for Home Depot.

If you like Minwax like I do, hurry before all the stock is gone, I got a good selection of stains at a great discount (some 75% off); I will keep for various projects because I always need a good stain.

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