Why CPR?

Posted on November 20, 2020

I wanted to renew my certification for CPR once I learned that Udemy offered it free of charge. I first got my CPR certification from Parallax back in 2008, but it expires after a year. Back in 2008, we got together, and a group came in with plastic dummies and trained us on everything.

The class from Udemy offers a great deal in conjunction with NHCPS, where you get the certification at a discount (regularly $59.99). The training is pretty much the same as before, I had forgotten a couple of things and learned some new stuff. For example, I did learn you are not supposed to tourniquet a venomous bite. I live in an area that had a lot of snakes, so that information is especially good for me. I go out hiking regularly so anything hiking related is good for not only me, but who I’m hiking with.

If you can spare a couple hours, you can do a lot of worse things than taking this class.

CPR Certification 2020

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