Posted on August 24, 2018

Notepad++ is one of the greatest free solutions for programmers I think there is on the market. It has syntax highlighting and allows multiple pages/documents to be open at once, which I find very useful, especially when it comes to web page editing.

Everyone who has programmed anything since the 90's have come across the program Notepad, it has saved the day for many reasons for programmers and “editors” of files alike. Notepad++ adds an additional level of ingenuity for programmers because it offers syntax highlighting and multiple pages or documents being opened at the same time. There is also a option to open previously edited files when the program is opened, recently opened files accessed from the menu, and a whole host of tools like Macros, plugins, and various encoding options.

I have been programming in Notepad++ for web development including: HTML/5, CSS/3, PHP and Java for years. One very beneficial function is that it doesn't insert any special characters at the beginning of a file like WordPad or Word does that often-corrupt files for future use. If you like to edit your code or program in an environment that does not have all the over-head of an IDE, notepad++ is an easy solution.

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