Ring of Elysium

Posted on January 16, 2019

I had to put a blurb up about a new game that has captivated me for the last couple months. It's called Ring of Elysium on it's available on Steam.

I was introduced to this game when my cousin suggested I download it. It was still in early release, so I gave it a shot. Being a Battle Royal, I didn't know what to expect, I have not played PUBG or Fortnite which both popularized that type of game play. Once I started playing, I was caught. I put all my other games on the back burner, it has been very exciting and surprisingly new each round, even though there is only one map available for season 1 called Mt. Dione. The quick and dirty overview, the map collapses down at certain time intervals, and players have to make it to a chopper that can only pick up 4 players. There are anywhere from 30-60 players that start in solo depending on time of play, so the seats are highly coveted. If a player does not make it out of the collapsing area, there is a Ymir (pronounced roughly “EE-mir”) that will quickly drop their health, killing them. A player can loot another player who has fallen to either upgrade, trade, or basically handle loot and equipment as desired to their style. Each player can decide to shoot it out with other players, or try to be as sneaky as possible making it to the chopper. Choose your method carefully.

Here is a link to the trailer for RoE Season 1

Each season is 70 days, and I picked up the first season pass with 55 days left in it. My goal was simple, get to Tier 100 to collect all the in-game swag, and top 100 on the North America (NA) server for bragging rights. The game comes in two flavors, TPP (third person preview) or FPP (first person preview); I started the game in TPP and got to the top 0.3% and moved over to FPP because others in my squad complained about the “peeking” that TPP offers. I was able to get to the top 0.4% on FPP, which both results I have been pretty happy about. There are some 60k players in the game (stats).

I made a highlights of some of the kills I achieved, and moves that I pulled off in the game with Nvidia GE Force Experience software. I was happy with how easy it was to save videos and screen captures, which I had not tried before. You can hear me and others talking, I sped up the video during times that there was no action to keep time down.

Season 2 starts soon, January 16th 2019 and I have been looking to create a competitive team. Each season is about $10 and the only thing you get is the extra loot. The game is a Free2Play which makes it that much more enticing for new players. We shall see what season 2 does and what changes they make to the game.

First Person Preview

Third Person Preview

Season 2 Standings

After the Season 2 update, there has been a good amount of limitation in play pushed by the devs; now the game only allows a specific style of game play, and that wasn't what I enjoyed about the game. I will not renew my adventure pass or play much if I play at all. It's a bummer, but like many projects that get bigger than they can maintain, the devs fall to the pressures to change the game they designed to keep it going. I ended season 2 in the top 100, averaged 40-60. #nomoRoE

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