Steam Workshop

Posted on Aug 7, 2018

My last couple of years I have wanted to work on projects that had more of a community focus. One of my endeavors was to import games for TableTop Simulator (TTS) on Steam. I created a fun game called Zombie Toss but I mainly wanted to bring a game to TTS that I have played for years, Magic: The Gathering.

For this project I worked with a couple others to try to set a standard that others could follow. A friend of mine that goes by Recon3Y3z helped with a template that could be used for importing the various cards that offered a good balance of resolution and in-game function, and then I worked with a fellow gamer in St. Petersburg, Russia who goes by the name Loac, to further the standard of resolution of cards and presentation in the workshop.

Someone goes about doing this through the Steam Workshop which is used across all their games that allows it. I was also after an achievement within Steam that surprisingly only 0.3% of players within TTS have achieved. To get this achievement, someone needs to creating 3 valid games for TTS; to-date I have completed 15 games and have over 8,700 current subscribers.

The JD Presents collection can be found on the steam workshop [ here ].

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