This is an archive of featured projects that I have either completed or found an interesting project that someone else has completed. There might be projects from forums I visit that should be highlighted, a website I frequent like Instructables, Hackaday, or just one I found randomly that I thought needed sharing.

Dyson Award for Emergency Medical Device for Stab Wounds

[Joseph Bentley] must be one of those people who sees opportunity in problems. He had several friends who were victims of knife attacks, so he developed REACT, a device that would allow police or other first responders to quickly help victims of stab wounds. The project won the Dyson award and you can see the video about it, below.

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Reflo Waffle: A dirt cheap reflow oven

This is a project I've been pursuing on and off for nearly 4 years: A small, portable, and dirt cheap (less than $25) reflow oven

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