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Circuit Maker

CircuitMaker is the best free-to-use schematic and PCB design tool for the Open Source Hardware community. We think that just because you’re willing to share your work and passion for electronics, doesn’t mean you should have to use second-rate design tools.

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Smarter Every Day

Hey, It's me Destin and welcome to Smarter Every Day. I'm a Husband, a Father, and and full time Engineer. Several years ago I made a video to show my friends how to light a bonfire with rockets. They enjoyed my teaching style so I kept making videos. My goals were simple.

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Adam Savage’s Tested

Host of Discovery Channel's long-running series MythBusters, Adam Savage has spent his life making things. From a cardboard suit of Excalibur armor when he was 13 to a REAL suit of Excalibur armor (with Terry English) when he was 50, Adam has built just about everything you can think of, including (but not limited to): Star Wars spaceships, Totoro costumes, NERF mods and movie prop replicas.

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