JDIY14 : Garage Radio Upgraded

The radio is an essential part of working in the garage, but I don’t need anything over-the-top. This little radio (JDIY4) has worked solid for that necessity. I had to remove a lot of dust and wood pieces because of the opening of the enclosure, and there is 2 modes to the volume, which wasn't needed. I wanted to keep the same functions, minus a saved location since I found that I use basically 2 stations, turns out Country wasn't something I ever listened to. I ran into some issues when operating when I had stuff on my hands too, so I knew with this upgrade, I wanted to use momentary push buttons to control everything and 1 power switch volume control.

The sound from the speakers sounded ok, but I figured since I was creating an enclosure, I could change a couple dimensions and create a box that could enhance the sound, which worked out great. I had considered adding a speaker inside to create more bass, but overall, the extra speaker didn't add anything. I am surprised to the sound created with using only 2 2" speakers in a sealed box. I tried porting the back and a sealed option, and the sealed box created the best sound. I added the speaker grill on front to offer more protection to the speakers, but not inhibit sound. I changed the power connection from being directly soldered to using a power jack so I could use a standard power jack. All those changes made the look of the whole project a lot more "official".

To finalize this upgrade, I wanted to paint it and include the controls on the side. I went with Gray, Lemon Yellow, and White; I was thinking of using purple but went with gray because it made the buttons pop better.

Difficulty: !!
This project started out as a 1x! but that was because it was put together quickly and not much focus on looks. This time around, I wanted to make something that worked better regarding clearer signal, sound and how it looked. There were a couple parts that required attention to detail, but overall, it was an easy upgrade, and the radio sounds better with easier controls.