JDIY16 : New Desk

First, I want to say I feel lucky to even be able to tackle a project like this one. I needed a new desk for some equipment that I got and had been making do with my old one as it was. My last desk was basically a table and I added a shelf to take advantage of as much room as possible. I constantly had to move stuff out of the way to make room for projects or tools, and it was challenging. A couple of years ago, I had a desk that I truly enjoyed but lost in a move because of a space restriction. It basically took up half the wall, and it worked great. It started out as the Gemini Workstation from Office Max but I quickly adapted it to function how I needed.

This time around, I wanted to build my perfect workspace with the ability to grow if needed. I started out with a basic L shape that I like because it keeps everything within reach. My projects, soldering station, tools, whiteboard, papers, everything I use to create. There were a couple things that were a must: had to have shelves for all my parts, keep wires nice and neat, be able to be disassembled and assembled again, and upgradeable.

I started with a 6'x 2' main piece with a shelf that ran the length for my main workspace, and then there was the L part of a 42"x 18" which holds parts and tools like soldering station, parts bin, and the old Gemini filing system; yes, 16 years later and I still have some of that desk. I also needed shelving for board projects, and other storage, and least I forget a specific space for my computer. I needed all this with the ability to hide the horror of connecting wires.

The hardest part of this project was the skirt that I used to hide everything. It fought me the whole way, but I’m very glad that I kept it. I selected some colors that I found on Behr color selection website. I have normally used stains for my woodworking projects but wanted to do paint for this project because I originally wanted to use the blue that I use for my websites (#336699). The number 369 is a common number I’ve used throughout the years, and I found out that is was also a very cool looking blue (my favorite color), it became a staple in all my web development. Not surprising, the blue at the top of this site is #336699. I wanted to get that blue for my desk. I found a very close color on Behr, but wasn’t entirely sold so I opted for a very close color called Admiral Blue. I ended up going with Carbon Copy Gray for any rising portion of the desk, Admiral Blue for any wrap or side, and natural wood finish for the tops. I kept with that format throughout the whole desk.

It took about a week to finish. I am terrible about figuring dry time in my project time frames so it was taking longer than I had hoped but again, Im glad I took the extra time because it came out nearly exactly how I imagined it. This is the biggest piece I’ve built, and I learned a lot about my tools, mainly their limitation and new methods to use to overcome them and tape, tape, tape, don’t be afraid to use tape for various things. You can pick up some masking tape at a dollar store. It’s the new 100 and 1 uses tool for me without the extra heavy price tag.

Now that I have my new desk populated with my tools, parts and equipment, I can get back to building projects.

Difficulty: !!!
A hard part of this project was getting every piece of wood to fit perfectly, even though the wood was not perfect coming from Home Depot. It took some persuasion but it came together well.