JDIY21 : Table Saw Sled

Over the weekend I built and sled for my table saw. This is a really cool addition that helps keep your work pieces parallel to the blade without the need of a fence and can support large pieces easier.

This sled (30”x18”) will be able to hold large pieces like a 2x2x12 with ease without bending all the while making perfectly measured cuts. I got the saw for about $100 for price and minimum space that I had. With this new addition, it acts more like a $400 saw and I can store the sled if I’m not using them to keep space needed to a minimum. I’m ultimately making two sleds (30”x18” & 4’x2’) because I wanted to make one specific for large pieces and the smaller one I’m going to outfit with some angle (45, 33.3 and so on) add-ons to make more challenging cuts easier.

The sled is made from the following:

This sled was the beta version so I could get a handle on how to make the larger one. It’s good to find any hiccups in a build before trying at the final build in my opinion. I’ve read that to get a good handle on something you must make it 6 times, but I don’t need 5 sleds around the garage, so 2 it is. I will note, with this first build though, there are some “must haves” for my larger one and I already ordered the Slick Sticks. Slick Sticks are Teflon tape that make anything slide like butter; I heard about them on This Old House I believe. I subscribe to a lot of builder/maker channels on YouTube and watch PBS regularly, so sometimes tips get added without me memorizing where they came from.

The biggest driver for this sled, is a couple of pieces that are on the docket are larger pieces than I have been building, besides my desk. A large bookcase and a bar for the living room area. The family’s library has grown to the point where we just need a far larger space for books, and we are going big this time. The bar is a present for me from Cera that will house wines, whiskeys, and glasses along with some other cool bar stuff no doubt. But since I have found my perfect “adult beverage”, why not have a nice place to keep it at.

There are plenty of videos online that gave tips on building a sled. Personally, I wanted something simple yet effective. I don’t think I will change much for the larger sled either. I will build the front fence with handles and a little thicker, and the Slick Sticks for the bottom, but the one I just built works great so don’t see a need to complicate anything. I can see why these are commonly built as the first thing when someone gets a table saw. I put it off for way to long and I highly recommend one for any table saw.

Difficulty: !
This is a very simple yet fantastic addition for any table saw user.