JDIY4 : Garage Radio

This project was born out of necessity, I needed a radio in the garage and wanted to use the speakers my had and run everything off one power supply. There is 3 spots for saved stations and basic scan and volume operation; nothing to fancy, but keep basic functions in case I want to listen to a random station, you never know when you need some Country.

I already built a radio that was recharged by 4 solar panels that I took hiking; there was no running out of battery or music on long hikes for this guy. To convert it to a suitable radio, I needed to add the A/C power back and remove the rechargeable battery. I used an old phone charger that outputs 5V that powered the speakers and radio. I used the power switch from the powered speakers with some soldering

I removed the battery and soldered the power lead from the speakers, so everything turns on at the same time; I just used a multi-meter to confirm leads prior to soldering.

Difficulty: !
This is rated 1x!! because of the program and soldering that was needed was minimal. The only thing better would be to use a perfect case instead of a recycled one, but I am very happy with this outcome.

Garage Radio demonstration video, over all operation and functions of the various buttons