Refurbished Desk

I was taking out the trash one afternoon, and I saw a desk that was set off to the side that needed some TLC. First, I was going to put it outside as a garden desk for all the new plants, but as I continued, that idea changed. I knew it had to be sanded down a good amount because of the stain color.

I took off the laminate that was on top and sanded the whole desk down to remove all the paint and stain. After it was sanded, I took some pictures and used Photoshop to play with some stain colors. That really helped me get an idea because I have a good selection of stains after Home Depot had a sale on Minwax. I bought as many as I could because Minwax is the primary stain I use and didn't want to ruin all that sanding. The noise from sanding created was mind numbing, I thought it could be heard throughout the whole town. haha

I decided that the handles would look better polished instead of the fake gold. I used a Dremel to polish all the hardware and they came out a nice chrome, which I thought would look good in contrast on the darker drawers. I stained the desk with Golden Oak and the drawers Ebony.

I give this project 1.5 stars because I didn’t have to learn anything new, and it was more elbow-grease type of effort. Once I sanded it down, I used Photoshop to play with the stain colors. The application of stain was fairly easy once I finally selected two to use. Overall, I’m happy I saved it from destruction and now it’s in the master bedroom as a room desk.

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