Photography Lighting Orbs

My venture into night photography has led me to explore more with lights. So to I test a couple theories, I made some quick diffused lights to try when I went out one night. I used a WS2812B RGB LED and a white ping pong ball and an extra PCB I cut up. I didn’t want a wash of color but more hints, so I used 2 of them. I wanted to create a sort of glowing pool or pools as a foreground for my astrophotography as well. It takes many photos to create one fantastic shot. I need a couple more boards to get the exact results I envisioned, but I am on the right track.

I also played with writing in the air, however that will need a steadier hand next time.

I give this project 1 star because these are very basic, and I believe anyone could make them that has a soldering iron and the parts. I think a single cable would be ideal as well for easy post editing.

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