Edison Lights

After I collected several larger glass jars, there was a décor project that I kept coming to mind, a vintage lamp using Edison lightbulbs. Edison lightbulbs are very cool looking and have become quite trendy lately because they show off elaborate filaments and can bring a retro esthetic to a room or space. I initially wanted to put the light on a small square base but decided to go with a single flat piece as the base because it looked better and added another level of difficulty to keep the wires hidden. Even though I wanted a retro light, I didn’t want to see all the wires.

To make the base, I started off with a 12x1x6 piece of pine and cut it to a 8x8 inch square for the base. Then used a 4” hole bit to start the jar mount and finished with a Dremel and chisel to create a trough for the jar to sit in, then used a 3/4” hole saw to create the light fixture holder, I finished shaping the 8x8 base with a router to make a simple yet designed look and sanded smooth and stained. I added some black felt on the bottom to hold the power wire in place and protect any surface it was put on.

For A/C power requirements, I purchased a light outlet to house the bulb and it came with a toggle power switch. I had to cut the light cord to be able to thread though the base and soldered the wires and protected the cord with heat shrink.

The cover is a upcycled large pickle bottle that snuggly fits in the trough that is cut into the base. The light could be any light, preferably an Edison style, that will fit in the jar opening. I bought a couple different designs of Edison lightbulbs for future lamps while I had the opportunity.

I am satisfied with the outcome. It came out how I envisioned. I’m going to make a set for the bedroom nightstands. I think this will be one of the items that I will put up in my online store. Similar lamps I’ve seen in stores cost upward to $60 and this one features some reclaimed glass to add character.

Light Specs:

Power 40W (estimate Cost $4.82 / year @ 0.11/kWh)
Warm 2700 K
Life 1000 Days @ average of 3 hours per day
Brightness 180 lumens

Edison Lightbulb

I give this project 2 stars because it’s an easy weekend project. It doesn't require a lot of specialty tools or knowledge like coding. The hardest part is just making sure you don't break the base, jar or lightbulb.

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