Retro Pie

I couldn't wait to get started on this project once I found it. It's a project from How-to Geek and they have some nice tutorials about making things, and this thing was about a retro gaming unit. It used a Raspberry Pi version 1B. I ran into a couple issues with finding something that was available. There are plenty of projects and things you can do with the latest and greatest version of pi but finding even the support materials for the 1B was harder to come by. RetroPie uses the Debian OS with RetroArch to run emulations of older 8-32bit games from like NES, SEGA, and so on. I wanted to build a standing arcade with one, so what a perfect way to work out the kinks before setting out and building the whole unit.

Once I found an IMG that worked for the 1B, it was easy going from there. Setting up took no time at all and making changes to controls, video, sound, and installing ROMs was a breeze. There is a support website for the Retro Pie community. There are now downloads and people to answer any questions, but I have yet to find a need to ask. I have a couple different Raspberry Pi’s but I wanted to see if I could put the 1B to work, and overall, its running good for NES and SEGA games, which is fine for now.
Raspberry Pi 1B
Parts Used:
1) Raspberry Pi version 1B w/ power supply (5V@800mA)
2) Keyboard, Mouser - USB
3) HDMI Cable
4) USB Hub
5) PlayStation 3 Controller – Tethered
6) Cat5 Cable
7) ROMs

I give this 1.5 stars because there is ongoing testing and configuration for how accurate you want to get each game, but it’s not hard to to do and fun to boot. For the 8-16-bit consoles, it's pretty much just install and play; others like Nintendo 64 and PS1 take some configuration or will need a more powerful Rpi to run properly. It is a must have for any old school gamer or retro gamers alike.

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