Garage Radio

This project was born out of necessity, I needed a better radio in the garage and wanted to use some PC speakers and run everything off one power supply. There is a Propeller Proto board that uses a FM Module and the onboard audio output to push the speakers. I went for simple operation since I don’t change channels to much while I’m working in the garage. It started out as a “franken-radio” project but I ended up taking a couple days and making a custom enclosure that become a completed project.

I started with the Garage Radio programming but changed everything else. I made an enclosure in the garage using some of the old speakers from the PC speakers that I took apart. The low watt needed to push them made them great for this. I learned years ago from Bose, that a good enclosure can make smaller speakers give off large sound. I wired some buttons on the side for volume up/down, scan up/down, and saved channels 1 and 2. There is a power switch and uses a regular barrel jack for the AC adapter.

Radio Operation:
Scan Up, Scan Down
Volume Up, Volume Down
Saved Channel #1, #2, and #3

This is rated 1.5 because of the program and soldering that was needed was all basic stuff. This project wasn’t about creating a complicated project, but one that I could make and use regularly that might take a beating from time to time. I used a bright color for the speaker grill to make it easy to see and it works well.

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