Development - Shared Projects

Motion Contolled Bathroom Light

This project was a present to my wife who enjoys night lighting throughout the house. I knew it had to be something simple and that it couldn't interfere with any daily functions, like using the toilet, regular cleaning, and anything else I could think of for regular use.

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Weather Station & Binary Clock

This started out as a simple desk binary clock fun toy and it turned into a more complex project once it stayed home. I always wanted a weather station toy from those cool Brookstone stores, and I got to do one even better, build it. I learned a lot about weather stations and the regulations they need to be authenticated and used by any weather collection.

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Solar Radio

I have an affinity for solar related projects, and music in general; so naturally a radio that can recharge using solar panels while out hiking is a logical next move. Standard radio controls, Scan, Volume, and 3 Saved Channels and power switch.

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