Zen Garden

Elevate your sanctuary with our hand-painted Zen garden, where every stroke tells a story of craftsmanship. Crafted from the finest cedar wood, renowned for its durability and natural resistance to decay, this garden combines artistry and functionality.

+ Cedar Zen Garden
+ 7 Hand-painted figures
+ 2 Types of sand (light/dark)

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AC Controller

Have you ever wanted to create custom home automation or Xmas light display that would wow your neighbors? If so, this is the device you want. The AC Controller allows you to control up to 3 AC outlets and customize how they operate. Use and Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Propeller, BASIC Stamp, or any controller you are comfortable with to control 120V devices. You can turn on, off, dim until your hearts content. Use sensors to create an interactive art piece, or lighting display, you can use it to create custom power controls for a home or office. The basic module can handle up to 300W of power and the advanced can handle up to 800W, the heat sinks keep everything running cool and safe.

+ 3 Channel Controls w/ fuse protection
+ 300W and 800W Models
+ CMOS and TTL Logic Device

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Silhouette Décor Lighting

Are you tired of basic night lights and would you rather have décor that represents your home or your passion? I offer you another option. This 12x12 customizable décor light. It offers you the ability to create the perfect night light for your kids, ambience to an office or room when you walk in, or great desk decoration that washes you with good vibes. The motion activated technology allow you to take advantage of the visual benefits while you are around but saves power while you are not by powering down. The small, yet efficient RGB LEDs can create the exact color scheme you want for your personal space, unique lighting that accents a room, fantastic sports memorabilia display, use your name and favorite colors to create a personalized office or house decoration, the list goes on. Using less than 2W of power, it can create over 16 million different colors while providing a powerful and vibrant display.

+ Customizable 12”x12” Front Design
+ Motion activated technology
+ Million of colors to choose from
+ Power > 2W*

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Edison Lamp

Would you like a piece of history in your home? A piece of luminary artwork? The Edison lightbulb came out in 1879 and has been captivating people ever since. Featuring unique filament designs, the Edison lightbulbs can add a warm rustic ambience to any room.

+ Unique Filiment Design
+ Rustic Design
+ Warm 2700k Lighting

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