Day Hiking at Roxborough

Joshua Donelson

I starting programming HTML in 1995; I practiced and honed HTML programming along with supporting languages for web development. Along with constant practice and researching how a websites easy to find by engines, which eventually was known as Search Engine Optimized, I was able to create a functional and enjoyable experience for visitors. As the Internet evolved, so did my designs.

Starting in 2003, I focused on helping small businesses and start-ups to get their companies online and optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo. I offered a full site service with minimal costs and included training so they could keep up with their website. That service allowed them to keep costs very low while their Internet presents had a larger impact. With this combo it was easy for me to offer a 100% guarantee for all my services.

In 2007, I was hired on at Parallax Inc for technical support. I worked as a support agent for phone, forum, email and event support. I quickly was asked to help with the company website given my background. I evolved into a technical writer for module documentation and worked with outside vendors to bring in sensors to the company, such as the Voice Recognition and Bluetooth modules from Italy. I immersed myself in robotics, microcontrollers, sensors and learning BASIC Stamp I/II, and SPIN. I worked in virtually every department of the company, such as Education, Web Development, Engineering, Sales, and I worked there until 2010 when I moved to Colorado. I still help out on the forums.

I have been currently focused on open-community projects like Google Local Guides, Table Top Simulator, Photography, and local volunteering projects with the Montana Rescue Mission and Billings Park and Recreation. My photography was published in the Annual Report for Billings Park and Recreation for work during Arbor Day and considered an Expert Photographer for Local Guide because my images have over 1M hits and many of my images are used as the default location image.

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