City Foraging

Some years ago, we had a site that highlighted our rides around the city and country, and though the site isn’t up still, it’s because I got all the bootstrap practice out of that version that I could, not because we stopped riding. This year our new locations are foraging based, rather than geocache centered. Foraging is a topic we discussed at length. For example, the best locations, ideal timing, recipes, canning techniques, and recommended apps or websites to use.

Eating is something everyone does, I’m no different. Getting fresh ingredients is always best though, and finding it sourced locally and free is absolutely a win. That's where comes in. It’s a website that anyone can use to find where there are local foraging areas near you. For example, these trees that we have are apples, plum, cherry, and some others I forgot already, oh! crab-apple and there are more. We can pick the fruit when it’s ready, we keep an eye on the fruit on our bike route, then pick when ready and create at home. Personally, I have my eye on some apples for an apple pie. I don’t know how to make an apple pie, but there will be a blog post of some sort when that bridge gets crossed. Baking is a great craft, and ever since I learned how to make bread, I want to try other treats. Some unriped plums I recommend going out locally and finding some fresh ingredients and seeing what you can create with them.

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