Maker Friendly

Dale Dougherty is the leading advocate of the Maker Movement. He founded Make: Magazine 2005, which first used the term “makers” to describe people who enjoyed “hands-on” work and play. I believe this is a fantastic means to do business and create, and I am proudly Maker Friendly. I offer services and crafted products to improve the lives of the users or creations they are used with. I make all my devices “hack friendly” or easy to integrate with, and many of my projects are outlined as projects, so if another maker wants to take what I have created and add/substitute/change anything to their desires, everything needed is available, including myself for questions.

Maker Friendly to me also includes barter on goods and services, so if you feel that there is something other than traditional dollars and cents, feel free to reach out and see if there is something we can work out. I have all kinds of interests and projects that I dabble in and do enjoy collaborations.

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