Mars, Mars, Mars

The explorer in me looks to the heavens to adventure and wants to go.

I share the belief that space exploration is important for us as a country and the collaborative efforts it brings globally. The International Space Station is a stellar example of what 5 space agencies from 15 countries can achieve. Starting in 1998, it’s scheduled to go until 2030 as a working laboratory and outpost. It resides about 220 miles up from the Earth and has hosted 279 individuals from 22 countries. Truly impressive. Mars Mars is vastly further than the ISS, and trips are fewer and further between. Every trip, every move and voyage are a piece of history unfolding. I have been watching these pieces unfold for the better part of 20 years. I even went to IMAX back in 2006 to watch the documentary about Spirit and Opportunity rovers. I think the latest effort from NASA has really engaged me personally because I can watch the plans of the mission, launch of the hardware, and then results from the mission on a ready basis. Mars Boarding Pass 2026 Before the launch of Perseverance, NASA allowed anyone to sign up to have their name laser scribed on a piece of the rover before it was sent up. I was 1 of about 10M to do so, and I am pleased to say I have my name Mars. I got a digital badge and boarding pass for my souvenirs, which is cool and swaggy. I believe in my able way, I’m showing support for what is being attempted. I dig it. There is a website that anyone can visit to track the events and progress of the rover. There you can see pictures, local time, blog updates and even environmental samples that are gathered. Mars Mission Sticker If you would like to have your name on a rover sent to Mars, there is still time to submit your name for the 2026 mission. Submit your name to Mars

I am ready for the next step, next phase, and next discovery on Mars. I have my ticket in hand. I have already logged the Geocache that is on Mars, but I'd be willing to do it in person again. Mars Geocache

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